Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Differences in Marriages

I think it’s ridiculous how the marriage rules were enforced back in ancient times. In Ancient Greece marriage was in fact important but the father set up the arrangement for a couple, who never met before, doesn’t know anything about each other but they get married because they have to. The husband can go out and have sexual relations with prostitutes but the wife had no say in what he did and she had to stay in the house all the time and do nothing but housework that’s what the wife main purpose was and to have children. Men could easily divorce his wife. In Rome the husband can have his wife killed if he thought fit. All marriages were monogamous and they were usually in their late teens. The marriage laws were remarkably fair for women.

These rules remind me of the movie Coming To America when that lady was suppose to do everything Eddie Murphy wanted her to and she couldn’t say no and he had her looking like a dummy I thought it was funny.  The views for today are very different than the ones back in the day because now you’re not forced to get married really unless that’s your thing because many people believe that you have to because that’s a way of life one day I do want to get married but it’s going be a while because you don’t want to rush things.

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